Filament ( Sachiko M,Otomo Yoshihide) at anechoic room

Filament at anechoic room

Filament( Sachiko M,Otomo Yoshihide)

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《Filament at anechoic room》is an installation, or in other words an exhibited piece that was made by Filament. However, unlike normal exhibitions, many people could not experience this piece at the same time because it was placed in an anechoic room, which has its walls, ceiling and floor covered by materials that absorb sound, and is made to have only one, or two or maybe three people (the maximum number is three) experience a certain time line(7 minutes).
The anechoic room is about the size of a small room. The lights are dimmed and the only visual element is the two turntables. Several MP3 players that are set at various places in the room are randomly playing back different types of sine waves. After the audience enters the room, the door is closed in order to ensure that there is no reverberation, and then the turntables start to trace soundless records.
The sound that is played is faint, like it had been misplaced somewhere and forgotten, but it is a minimum ensemble that can only be heard at that time.

This is a live recording of that situation using microphones placed inside the anechoic room when it was empty with no audience. Side A only has the sine waves recorded, and on side B the sound of the turntables tracing soundless records joins in around at the middle of the recording. Every sound, including the noise of the microphones used for this recording, and the sound of this record being traced is part of the piece.