The Otoasobi Project/OTO (double album) produced by otomo yoshihide

The Otoasobi Project/OTO (double album)
produced by otomo yoshihide

¥3,000(without tax)

The Otoasobi Project, a group of people with intellectual disabilities, improvisational musicians, and music therapists mainly from Kobe, are releasing their first studio-recorded album since their formation in September 2005. Their previous CD/DVD works were all recorded live, but this time they spent more than a year recording in the studio. This time, we recorded with a wide variety of compositions, including solo, duo, band and ensemble. It is an album filled with new musical experiences that have never been heard anywhere else: approaches to instruments that are unthinkable, unique sounding ensembles that have never been heard before, and a power full of originality that cannot be ignored.

After 16 years of activity, The Otoasobi Project – the group that has influenced me the most in this world – is releasing its first studio recording. When I play with them, I really feel like I’m in heaven. (Otomo Yoshihide)

Unrepeatable. Their sessions are sharp, yet somehow humorous and flexible. Even if I hadn’t experienced the long session with them as an initiate, I would have been able to feel it very clearly. And their sound is addictive. Freedom seems to be addictive. So, having listened to it once, you’ll want to listen again, because you know the feeling of freedom. (Seiko Ito)